About Us

Our mission:┬áto provide a U.S. nonprofit model for direct Olympian support, thereby bringing our athletes to the tops of their sports, and preparing them as society’s leaders of tomorrow.

U.S. Athletic Trust is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization supporting college graduates who are training for the Olympic Games. We help fund their basic living and training expenses, provide athletic career counseling, mentoring and planning for the athletes’ post-sport careers-careers they have put on hold while they strive for the pinnacle of athletic achievement.

Our volunteers are college alumni- many of them Olympians themselves -who share a passion for excellence in education, community involvement, and sport.

We also encourage the Olympic governing bodies – the IOC, USOC, and the NGBs – to engage in transparency, good governance, and better resource allocation in order to support the athletes.

Our vision goes beyond the current Olympic Games. We see ourselves as the first American non-governmental organization (NGO) in the athletic arena. With your help, we will influence public policy and effect a positive change in the way post-graduate athletics are funded and supported.

To be considered for U.S. Athletic Trust programs, athletes must:

  • Hold at least an undergraduate/college-level degree
  • Demonstrate credible potential as a world-class athlete and Olympic finalist
  • Hold U.S. Citizenship
  • Be fully committed and able to train for the Olympic Games
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