Athlete Advocacy

This is the future section for the US Athletic Trust’s resources on “Athlete Advocacy.” Our athletes pour their hearts, souls, and livelihoods into their training to be the very best they can be, but their biggest challenges are often outside the competitive arena. Unlike other professional athletes, the vast majority of athletes in Olympic sports struggle to stay above the poverty line. Maintaining a decent quality of life for these highly talented individuals should not be as daunting of a challenge as it is, particularly given how much money goes into the Olympic movement. We strive to help athletes by lifting the veil of secrecy behind the current funding mechanisms in place, and offering an alternative method of directly supporting athletes.

In this section, we will be conducting research on the financial operations of the US Olympic Committee, the National Governing Bodies, as well as offering international perspectives and athlete testimony on the tribulations of competing financially. We aim to shape a more civilized and equitable means of athlete support.

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