Hi-Low Training

At the elite level, altitude training is an essential training method to optimize athletic performance.  Altitude is a training tool.  When used properly, with diligent monitoring, altitude training can take an Olympic athlete from a 30th place finish to a place on the podium.”  — Jim Stray-Gundersen, MD Co-Author Live High/Train Low

The U.S. Athletic Trust supports the use of maximizing the positive benefits of altitude living and training.  Using normobaric (normal pressure) hyperoxia (higher than normal oxygen) and hypoxia (lower than normal oxygen) along with hypobaric (lower than sea level pressure) hypoxia (lower than normal oxygen) our elite athletes gain the benefit of utilizing these environmental tools to legally improve their performance.

For more detailed information on the program, please see the additional pages in this section. Or if you’re an aspiring elite athlete looking to improve your own sport performances, you can apply to our program by contacting us at: info@usathletictrust.org

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