Open Elite Programs

We are extending our Hi-Low & the associated programs to a wider group of athletes. We now welcoming any elite athlete seeking to improve his or her cardiovascular performance, as well as the personal understanding of his or her unique physiology. These programs are available to both professional athletes and non-professionals alike.

  • World-class physiological testing on Hi-Low monitoring program used by many Olympians, including: Taylor Ritzel (Olympic Gold Medalist), Donn Cabral (Olympian/NCAA champion).
  • Suitable for all endurance athletes (running, cycling, rowing, cross country skiing, etc.).
  • Led by Dr. James Stray-Gundersen, adviser to Alberto Salazar & the Nike Oregon Project and the US Ski & Snowboard Association.
  • Tests include Body Composition, VO2 Max, Hemoglobin Mass, as well as Phase I of a cutting edge cardiac & autonomic nervous system test, which identifies patterns of over or under training, effective vs ineffective recovery periods, and can even even indicate early symptoms of illness.
  • Individualized feedback and insight into optimizing one’s condition for peak performance.
  • Prices vary depending on sport, and type of testing and monitoring needed. Baseline full spectrum physiological testing costs $3,500 for one athlete, with group discounts available for teams or larger groups. Long term monitoring and simulated altitude tents extra.
  • Requires travel to Park City for testing, with recommended stay of at least 72 hours for monitoring and testing. US Athletic Trust can assist with travel, housing, and other logistics if necessary.
  • Coaches, family, and friends are welcome to come and observe at no additional cost; will receive complimentary tour of the US Ski & Snowboard Center for Excellence.

For more details, please contact the program manager: Nathan Ikon Crumpton –

Video – Testing Manteo Mitchell:

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