U.S. Athletic Trust is a volunteer-powered organization. Our valued volunteers help us identify qualified athletes, assist with marketing strategy, provide pro-bono legal counsel, and spread the word about the exciting opportunities we’re creating.

Spearheading our volunteer effort are our sport-committee chairpersons. These dynamic and influential individuals make a two-year minimum commitment to review athletes’ applications, connect with athletes, raise at least $10,000 in donations each year, and communicate with national sport NGBs (National Governing Bodies). If you are passionate about an Olympic sport and want to know more about this important work, please contact us.

We also need committee members to assist with DHAC’s ongoing work. We currently have vacancies in several volunteer committees.

Why Participate?

When you support U.S. Athletic Trust, you take an active role in the futures of hundreds of athletes.
You have an exclusive front-row seat at the Olympic Games, thanks to the email updates you receive from our athletes as the prepare for and compete in the Games.

  • You join a group of influential, well-connected college alumni who share your passion for athletic excellence and the Olympic Games.
  • You participate in an efficient and effective charity that is changing young people’s lives and leading productive reform of the post-graduate athletic support system in the United States.
  • You rub elbows with some of the most uplifting young people in the country — gifted scholar-athletes whose commitment to excellence cannot fail to inspire.

Volunteer Testimonials

“We have struggled to find effective ways to assist aspiring Olympic athletes. Joining the U.S. Athletic Trust has allowed us to maximize the impact of our financial support for a group of very talented and inspiring young men and women.”

— Preston L.C. Johnson and Vicki Martin
Johnson Martin Advisors Inc.

“I see my involvement in U.S. Athletic Trust as a way to help talented athletes pursue excellence with their eyes and ears wide open.”

— Anne Marden, 1984 and 1988 Olympic Silver Medalist
Managing Director, Fleming JP Morgan Asset Management
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